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Here are some testimonials from several nurses who have completed some of our education classes:

What People Say

Jackie Patient

I have a chronic illness and have been receiving home care infusion therapy for the past 14 years. In the beginning of my illness, I was a patient with a few other home care infusion companies. I have been a patient with Infusion Care Experts, Inc. for over 10 years and have found them to be of the highest quality. The staff has always been friendly, professional and skillful with up-to-date medical techniques which have been quite valuable in maintaining my chronic illness over the years. I applaud ICE for all of the compassionate work they have done in treating my illness! And I would like to thank them for the wonderful friendship we have maintained over the years! They have truly been my Lifeline!

Donna Client

I have horrible veins! My IVIG procedure which I need four times a month lasts 5 1/2 hours so I needed a great infusion nurse. My prior IV nursing company sent two different nurses who refused to come back because it was so difficult to start my IV line. The first time Winston showed up from Infusion Care Experts, Inc., I asked him if he would come back again and he laughed as he asked, Why wouldn’t I? That was six years ago. Now I have two wonderful nurses from Infusion Care Experts, Inc. that have become part of my family. Whenever Winston or Debbie can’t make it to one of my treatments, they always find a substitute within their own company who has the IV experience and knowledge that my treatment requires. Now that I have ICE, nobody ever tells me they won’t come back anymore.

Dominick Patient

When I heard I had to get a PICC line I was scared. I didn’t know what it was or what to expect. Winston was fantastic when he came to my house to put the PICC line in. He took the time, and had the patience, to explain the process to me and make me feel comfortable. With Winston the procedure was smooth and pain-free. He was very professional, but also cared about me. His friendly nature made me look forward to our weekly check-ups, when he would not only care for my PICC line, but take the time to have a cup of tea and a nice chat. Winston should be commended for what he does. He is a skilled technician and a great guy. I would recommend ICE to anyone.

Tuesday Patient

I have been a nurse practitioner for 20 years. Over the past several years, I have required PICC lines which have been inserted in hospitals and by infusion companies. The best service I have ever received was from Infusion Care Experts, Inc. Their service was professional. The PICC was inserted with utmost compliance with infection prevention, was not painful, and was expertly inserted. I even received a follow-up visit to check on the line. I highly recommend Infusion Care Experts, Inc. for the best in care and services.

Vanessa Client

The class was very informative … the instructor was completely engaging and highly knowledgeable.

Thomas Client

The instructor made it simple and easy to understand very complex information. It’s the first time I’ve learned so much in an IV class and I’ve been to many.

Jessica Client

Starting the class with the ‘IV Jeopardy’ game … was a fun way for the instructor to assess our knowledge base.