The staff at Infusion Care Experts, Inc. is highly trained and well-seasoned in the field of infusion care. All of our nurses have a thorough knowledge of IV drugs and their properties, as well as an extensive background in the specific type of intravenous access device indicated for each condition and circumstance.

Our proficient, experienced clinicians can supplement or support your existing infusion nursing staff in a number of areas.

High Tech services we offer

Ultrasound Guided PICC/Midline Insertion

TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition)

Antibiotic Therapy


Baclofen Pump Programming and Refill

Pain Management

SQ/IVIG (Immune Globulin Therapy)

Desferal Therapy

Steroid Therapy / Enteral Therapy

Anticoagulant Therapy

Cardiac Disease Therapies

Hydration Infusion

Elaprase / Aralast / Zermia / Remicade / Cimzia / Cinryze

Avonex / Betaseron / Copaxon

Enbrel / Growth Hormone

Factor Administration